Saturday, March 31, 2012

warning of Jay

w=i warned Jay of it too now i said but the Slenderspiracy is on Youtube too so you cant see the comment being from mine who sent it on his channel

wath out for servants of President Slender Jay they are realbad and evil and lots of themhe s

Thursday, March 29, 2012

More news of the Slenderconspiracy

there is more newnews on the Slenderconspiracy  i was bbanned from the Slender Nation this is very for real of the servants of President Slender to it is for real on Unfiction too ChildOfAtom told me she serves of President Slender of the Slenderconspiracy i joined this site here is my account ill see how far the Slenderconspiracy really reaches now

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

i wwas posted with here too

 Re: A Proxy-At-Heart's self-introduction

Post by AlexfromtheMarbleHornets Today at 7:00 pm
hey verycool to be having known you for it newguy hope to see you with manymany posts soon!

new post with it on Slender Nation

 Re: Ok so I have this really crazy theory

Post by AlexfromtheMarbleHornets Today at 6:39 pm
as the father of Slendermerica maybe hahahahahahahahahahahaha he conquered America into Slendermerica

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

i posted with it here now too

the Operator Symbol is not a thing of fighting of Slender Man or now as it is President Slender it is just a symbol of him for it with no special supormagicpowers

Slender Nation conspiracys too

i am to seeing if the Unfiction conspiracy of President Slender reaches to Slender Nation now so i posted with it  her How do think is now that with The Rake being on the spacetime continum hes dead that Everyman HYBRID will use him without being a realsbigfaker?
Post by AlexfromtheMarbleHornets Today at 7:10 pm
being on the spacetime continum hes dead that Everyman HYBRID will use him without being a realsbigfaker?
so how is it?

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Updates later

i will update more of the Unfiction conspiracy by President Slender to stop me from saying to manypeople from the truth of it as it happens

the rest for the comments

  • this is soverysupereealfake its very bad he comments stupid things on myblog too 
  • laugh at thisblog its so verybadandstupid and he puts mean things on the comment of being for myblog? 
  • very more realbad fighting of President Slender its coming up realverysoon in myblog
  • in mmyblog now we are going for to get the Slendernomicon to be stopping President Slender from being summoning a Slenderchild the Bleeding Tree has itt

third for the comments

this wone was they said i was a troll im not they said i was for saying what i said here so i said it to them

  • i am not troling i am a a part of the really real in reallife Resistance Movement for killing President SLender off Slendermerica and Doctor Cairo is dead for it 

second forr the comments

this one was from the rake how he died in this of my goodfriend Robert

because the Rake got threw into Einsteinss relative theory that shootted him at ligght speed into the spacetime continuium hes superdead now

first for the comments

this ones was being about Doctor CairoProxie I warned them of him hes veryfake

  • this guy is really real dead he died by a lazer fr om the PTC President Slender replaced him with a Doctor CairoProxie now dont be foooled 

third for the top[ics

thread to post with twitters in?
seems to be for maybe its will be realuseful

second for the topics

A new blog i found its not minea veryreallycoolthing i found
hey i found a newblog that is very real good its about slenderslayer and his fights against President Slender read it here

First for the topics

I Am The SlenderSlayerthe reallytrue fight of us against President Slender is here
heres a new blog of slenderdeath and doom of slenderman by me and my friend the SlenderSlayer we are going with the fight against President Slender of Slendermerica here it is the blog here 


i made with an Unfiction now its called AlexfromtheMarbleHornets but a conspiracy of President Slender made them move around and lock to me all of my posts and topics of there i talked of it here heres the topic if they delete him ill post all of my stuff from there here too later in case of they delete it for President Slender tells them to: 
locked all my threeads for me i cant ppost to them? moved theem to a newverybigthread i cant post to servants of President Slender?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Twitter takeovers from AlexProxie

Here is what my Twitter before AlexProxie too kit over and made it fake not real everything after this tweet its not real its superveryfake than fake can be i will get a new Twitter set up to post the true stuff

Youtube update

I made two new updates on my Youtube channel for commenting on EverymanHYBRID video and A two new bigveryimportant post to my feed that is to tell what i am going to do of my slendervengeancequest as a new proxieshunter that is here.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Masky Was Almost Got With Us

Masky and his humanassinaters killer Proxies almost killed me and SlenderSlayer today but we escaped to a more safe and far from Masky place. We are hunked down now in the subway car but we know where we are now its New York lets see what well do tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

First Reallly Real Post Posted By Me Here

This is my very first post on my new blog of slendevengeance let me explain have you seen 'Entry #53" of Marble Hornets?you can see it here but dont listen to it its not really me im with SlenderSlayer its really AlexProxie put there by Slenderman now known as President Slender of Slendermerica to fool people who dont know about it. now im going on a quest of vengeance to kill AlexProxie before he gets to Jay and kills him

Alexs Blog

I made this blog now for Alex so he can tell about what happened to us in his side of the story in our quest to destroy President Slender.