Tuesday, June 26, 2012

it's slightly terrifying how bad it is
I'll give you that.
its terrafying about it is Slender Man and The Rake and other scary guys and monster creatorous things to
why dont you just create your own series man
this is my series its megaterrafying for having Slender Man in it and now as slenderpresident
i mean one where you dont pose as alex kralie
i am Alex Kralie
the other one is AlexProxie
a servent of President Slender
because its not funny
just a bit sad tbh
you havnt even read the whole entire thing of my megaawesome adventures for fightinng Slender Man
tell me please
what you gain by failing to pretend to be someone else
are you that sad
im not sad
im Alex Kralie
whats your middle name?
Alex Richard Kralie
alex said liek
forever ago
hah that was a trick by me watch Marble Hornets again i never said or told my middle name
his middle name doesnt even start with an 'r'
i never said that
the real alex did
i am the real one
the other ones a Proxie
misspelling proxy bro
no its Proxie
prove it
youre the one whos not captalizing it
It's not a noun
yeah it is a person place or thing
a noun
i was wrrong
i will admit
i derped
but it's not a proper noun
well thanks to admitting for it
and it's proxy
not proxie
to each his own
yeah, no
that's not how the english language works
you didnt invent the english language
neither did you
i never said i did
I never said I did.
i know
and the fact is
you have no grasp of basic grammar and spelling
thats not true
It is, though
Lol, wow.
It's perfectly true.
its not did you even read my blog or SlenderS;ayers blog to?
we have perfect english language
Not even remotely.
It's so horribly written that you should just delete it and hope people forget
about it entirely!
no people already know about us were the only hope for the whole antire world to live by us were hard not to know
SO many spelling mistakes.
I hope you're a troll
Because otherwise you're kind of pathetic...
im not im the one and only true Alex Kralie
See though, he's loads more intelligent than you are.
the Proxie of me hahahahhahahahha no hes not hes dumb and works for President Slender
I am done conversing with you.
Have a nice night.
you to