Tuesday, May 22, 2012

leading them to the final battle

they did it and formed a truly fearocious army for me to lead with against Slenderthulu now im Alex the Defender Against Slenderthulu and laeading there army to so now we all march to it the final battle and ultimate doom and destruction for one of us me or Slenderthulu or both

The Defenders Against Slenders

it looked like there was jno hope to make an army to fight Slenderthulu but then The Doctor told us about an organized group of people called The Defenders Against Slenders that wernt ultimate devastated and doomed by the Starspawn army The Doctor said they might be able to gather into an army for us to lead so we used a Resistance mechaburrower hugesuit to make a tunnel to there base and go to it now were trying to convince them to do it

The Resistance Movement

were here now we tried to convince them to get into an army for us but they said that when Slenderthulu was very first came into power as that and not President Slender he sent a huge army of Starspawn of Slenderthulu thats Slenderthulu formed them out of stars he sent an army of them to kill and destroy the Resistance Movement and huge fighting happened. the Resistance Movement put up a good fighting defence and lots of the Starspawn were made dead by their fighting but eventually the Starspawn won and the survivng guys from the Resistance splintered into diffrent groups and went into hiding from President Slenderthulus new rain of terror on Slendermerica. now there arnt enough of them left to form into an army and even if it was their communications are broken and smashed to pieces by the Starspawn so they couldnt gather

the battle with TheBigBadWolf and now to the maincommand

TheBigBadWolf found us and attacked us there was a fight with him. Spectre was blasting him so many times with bullets from his gun but bullets didnt affect him he knocked Spectre wayback. next Damien tried to blast him with magic but there wasnt enough left in him and TheBigBadWolf slashed open his chest and make him bleed from it. i tried to stop him but i was too wounded from the stab by Joseph in the battle here and weak from it to and he beat me to bloody pulp oly i wasnt really an orange its a metafor. he was going to kill and devour my corpse once he killed me when Spectre jumped and stabbed his head with a silver knife he had it kills all werewolfs he died from it. were at the maincommand for the Resistance Movement now and terying to convince them

going to the Resistance Movement

were on the way to the maincommand of the Resistence Movement and conivnce them but Slenderthulu doesnt want it so he sent a guy after us called the Proxie called The Big Bad Wolf from here hes a werewolf Proxie who hunts down and eat people hes after to stop us now. were getting close to the maincommand but the BigBadWolf is getting more closer to us.

the attack and adventure of getting The Doctor

what you know we attacked The Pentagon was here but what you dont know what came after it. during the fighting was fast and terrible i was wounded by Joseph with a knife but Masky saved me and The Doctor fixed my wounded stabs thats when i told The Doctor i need him to be recruited by me for a army im gatherin g to get an army and kill President Slenderthulu i needed his trulyhuge power for the army. he said okay and he left Maskys group and joined mine just when that happened a new one did to Fisk blew up The Pentagon with C12 explodermines almost none suirvived it. but we did because Damien still had residuel power left over from his blown off hand that was holding the bonepower talisman got blown up here  he still had some of it left he used it to teleport me and Spectre and him and The Doctor away from the explosion to a verymoresafe place. now to raise the army to lead against and stopping Slenderthulu we need to go to the main command of the Resistance Movement and convince them of turning into an army for fighting him

Sunday, May 20, 2012

the grate band of being mtdcb!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

a new lead on where he is

theres new info or called information on where The Doctor is to going hes with Masky here there getting ready to do an attack on the Pentagon to kill and assasinate Fisk we have to go thre to make sure The Doctor dosnt die in the hugebattle were going there now to the Pentagon me and Damien and Spectre

Friday, May 11, 2012

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

  • I know that much
  • 7:37ToCxHawKI dont hate Gauzz
  • 7:37The lone wanderer's bad-ass grandmaleft by force
  • 7:37ToCxHawKI mean
  • 7:37DragonBorn96Curse had better socks.
  • 7:37Victor the SecuritronI hate Gauzz
  • 7:37Gothic NekoAusir, Tag, Porter and many other admins left.
  • 7:37DragonBorn96Ausir couldn't resist.
  • 7:37Victor the Securitronyeah
  • 7:37TocinomanAusir was exiled XD
  • 7:37Victor the Securitrona shame, Dunc
  • 7:37ToCxHawKI can't resist
  • 7:37Victor the SecuritronHes a martyr!
  • 7:37LimmiegirlIt's just that he came in the forelight recently
  • 7:37ToCxHawKI'm moving to the Vault
  • 7:38AlexfromtheMarbleHornetsso if Gauzz was so horrible why didnt you ban him for alltimes
  • 7:38The lone wanderer's bad-ass grandmai do chuckle at the size of the "inactive admins" list
  • 7:38LimmiegirlIt's natural that he's currently the most talked about
  • 7:38TocinomanAlright, see ya later, HawK.
  • 7:38GarouxBloodlineBecause he never did anything worth banning over
  • 7:38AlexfromtheMarbleHornetsoh
  • 7:38Victor the Securitronsadly
  • 7:38AlexfromtheMarbleHornetsjust a jerk
  • ?
  • 7:38GarouxBloodlineGossip in chat isn't enough to ban someone over :')
  • 7:38ToCxHawKbye Toci
  • 7:38The lone wanderer's bad-ass grandmabeing unlikeable isnt a banning offense
  • 7:38GarouxBloodlineCya Toci!
  • 7:38AlexfromtheMarbleHornetsall he did was gossip?
  • bye tocil
  • 7:38ToCxHawKyou are the only person i'l miss
  • 7:38GhostAvatarBotIt has always been the case Limmie, since the start of chat
  • 7:38Gothic NekoGauzz was banned for a time, he;s been threatened more then a dozen times with it as well.
  • 7:38TocinomanI'm not leaving...the fawk
  • 7:38GarouxBloodlineI meant the other way around Alex.
  • 7:38AlexfromtheMarbleHornetsoh
  • 7:38GarouxBloodlineJUST LEAVE US D:
  • 7:38ToCxHawKHe meant me
  • 7:38AlexfromtheMarbleHornetsm e?
  • 7:38Vault girl76NEVER
  • 7:38ToCxHawKIM LEAVING
  • 7:39GarouxBloodlinelol
  • 7:39TheConvictsSUCKMy name is Alex.
  • 7:39GarouxBloodline<3
  • 7:39ToCxHawKTO THE VAULT
  • 7:39AlexfromtheMarbleHornetsso is mine
  • 7:39TheConvictsSUCKWho's the other one?
  • 7:39Vault girl76do it then
  • 7:39Gothic NekoToci, you're leaving?
  • 7:39TheConvictsSUCKOh, herp derp
  • 7:39Vault girl76lets see you try
  • MellowHackJack has left the chat. 
  • 7:39LimmiegirlPerhaps GAV, I've only noticed him being talked about after I started disliking though
  • 7:39Vault girl76then go
  • 7:39GarouxBloodlinelol
  • 7:39ToestheUnwholySo all the gods left
  • 7:39ToCxHawKi am
  • 7:39Vault girl76FINE THEN
  • 7:39TocinomanIn response to Gav and referencing Limmie's comment about Gauzzy being in the light recently, I don't think anyone here who was around at the time can say that they didn't talk about either Yessie or Cartman behind their backs in the chat during the time of their little dispute. So I wouldn't fret too much about us talking so much about Gauzz making an ass of himself in the forums.
  • 7:39LimmiegirlAfter he said that Nazi bitch thing
  • MellowHackJack has joined the chat. 
  • 7:40ToCxHawKHave you seen the Vault's infoboxes and such?
  • 7:40The lone wanderer's bad-ass grandmamaybe Gav is so sexually obsessed with gauzz, that all other user convos have slipped from his memory
  • 7:40Vault girl76nope
  • 7:40ToCxHawKlike holy shit
  • 7:40Gothic NekoI think it's that since we dislike him we get attracted to his actions more so then if we were neutral/liked him.
  • 7:40TocinomanBlessed thine holy shit.
  • 7:40GarouxBloodlineThat's some kinky shite right there
  • 7:40GhostAvatarBotI can say I didnt Toc
  • 7:40AlexfromtheMarbleHornetsim so lost in the references here
  • 7:40Vault girl76i didn't really care
  • 7:40AlexfromtheMarbleHornetscoolstory guy
  • 7:40TocinomanSorry Gav, humans only ^.^
  • 7:41Vault girl76lol
  • 7:41Gothic NekoMenthol.
  • 7:41TocinomanHow to kill the chat 101: Follow Toci's ideals ._.
  • 7:41Miss.NicolleOh I have missed menthol <3
  • 7:41GhostAvatarBotAnd grandma, I am more wondering what all you guys are going to talk about now, and which people you are going to come up with mad theories about
  • 7:41The lone wanderer's bad-ass grandmaso i was robbing thisbank the other day, when i thought "theres an awful lot of jizz jars in here"
  • 7:41AlexfromtheMarbleHornetsand bullets
  • 7:41Gothic NekoEven that is a Gauzz insult, Nic XD
  • 7:41AlexfromtheMarbleHornetsare the number one way
  • 7:41Miss.NicolleXD
  • Menthol, banned under international sexy laws
  • 7:42Gothic NekoDamn right it is.
  • 7:42Joshua-ConduitMenthol?
  • 7:42ToestheUnwholySo. Who wants to bear my children
  • 7:42AlexfromtheMarbleHornetsmenthol vaspors clear your throught out from coughs
  • and colds
  • 7:42Miss.NicolleI will
  • 7:42AlexfromtheMarbleHornetsand flu
  • 7:42GarouxBloodlineHere are the links for comparison: http://www.falloutwiki.com/User:Gauzz_Riflehttp://www.falloutwiki.com/User:Broccoli.
  • 7:42The lone wanderer's bad-ass grandmaill set a bear on your children
  • 7:42Gothic NekoThat stuffs potent.
  • Menthol also gets you laid in seconds, Marble.
  • 7:42GarouxBloodlineI just thought it was a coincidence that they used the same defect message
  • 7:42LimmiegirlDiner time brb ffffffffffffs
  • -fffffffs
  • **
  • 7:43Joshua-ConduitI just remember menthol in the shape of brown powder
  • 7:43AlexfromtheMarbleHornetsmenthol can get sex for people
  • ?
  • 7:43GarouxBloodlineI hope everyone starts talking about me <3
  • 7:43ToestheUnwholyRealy?
  • 7:43ToCxHawKI already do leon
  • 7:43Gothic NekoAccording to Gauzz's fallout fanfic, it can.
  • 7:43GarouxBloodlineI can be the one that brings everyone together through their hatred of me.
  • 7:44ToestheUnwholyI love you
  • RamboRob196 has joined the chat. 
  • 7:44GarouxBloodline:(
  • </3
  • 7:44RamboRob196Leon
  • 7:44ToCxHawKI can't hate Leon
  • 7:44RamboRob196:)
  • 7:44GarouxBloodlineStop messing up my dreams!
  • LoneWondererV101 has joined the chat. 
  • 7:44GarouxBloodlineHate meee
  • 7:44RamboRob196I hate you Leon
  • :D
  • 7:44GarouxBloodlineNow say it like you mean it xD
  • 7:44Gothic NekoDon't ruin our fun, Rob.
  • 7:44AlexfromtheMarbleHornetshuh ill have to try for the menthol maybe itoll be reallyfaster and more power
  • 7:44ToCxHawKI hate Tocinoman
  • 7:44GarouxBloodlineor type it. W/e
  • 7:44RamboRob196I hate Neko
  • 7:44LoneWondererV101I hate sam warrick
  • 7:44AlexfromtheMarbleHornetswhat did Neko do
  • 7:44The lone wanderer's bad-ass grandmacalm down Tob
  • 7:44AlexfromtheMarbleHornetsto be a hated guy
  • 7:44GarouxBloodlineYou all better start hating me as soon as I leave chat ;__;
  • 7:45ToCxHawKok
  • 7:45TheConvictsSUCKSam Warrick was my first random encounter :,)
  • 7:45GarouxBloodlineI always tried to keep Warrick alive.
  • 7:45TheConvictsSUCKSame
  • 7:45Joshua-ConduitBe gone, foul beast, thou ist most queer in mine eyes.
  • 7:45GarouxBloodlineBut even if I killed him, he'd always show up again
  • Weird random encounter, that one
  • 7:45TheConvictsSUCKthe nthere's that guy with an unloaded shotgun
  • RamboRob196 has left the chat. 
  • 7:45ToestheUnwholyI killed him in a second
  • 7:45DragonBorn96I heard Leon scrapes the toe jam from old lady feet and then feeds it to starving orphans.
  • 7:45TheConvictsSUCKAnd I STILL haven't met the Lazlo
  • guy
  • or razlo
  • idk
  • 7:46Joshua-Conduitthe guy with the railway rifle?
  • 7:46LoneWondererV101I killed lazlol today lol
  • 7:46The lone wanderer's bad-ass grandmawell.... ive got to go and learnan entire script by tomorrow morning, so i best begoing
  • 7:46TheConvictsSUCKRight
  • Railway rifle guy
  • 7:46Gothic NekoI one-shot'd Warrick with a Plasma Rifle. The arse scratched my t-45d's paint.
  • 7:46Joshua-Conduitoh he's rare
  • 7:46DragonBorn96Have fun, Andrew.
  • 7:46GarouxBloodlineI want to play Toejam and Earl now.
  • The lone wanderer's bad-ass grandma has left the chat. 
  • 7:46LoneWondererV101Earl sweatshirt?
  • 7:46TheConvictsSUCKI also haven't seen thelittle kid that greets you if you're a superhero
  • 7:46GarouxBloodlineTo my Sega!
  • 7:46Joshua-ConduitI've played like jizzilliion hours and I've only seen him once
  • 7:46TheConvictsSUCKHm.
  • I can't find the pitt's soundtrack
  • 7:47GhostAvatarBothttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpc3l2aVEXU&feature=player_embedded
  • 7:47Miss.NicolleI dunno who to address my cover letter to, I don't know who I am writing it to :/
  • 7:48GhostAvatarBotTo whom it may concern
  • 7:48Gothic NekoThen why write a letter?
  • 7:48MellowHackJackim about ready 2 kill for fallout 4 to come out
  • 7:48Joshua-ConduitWhen I first met Sam Warrick, I was a newb to rpg's, and a bad gamer overall, and to top it off, he spawned near a raider hideout, and I accidentally saved right before he spawned
  • so I was mega-screwed
  • 7:48Miss.NicolleGot to, Dunc