Thursday, July 5, 2012

good afternoon
good afternoon to
how are you today?
good not by sledermans evil servents thats a start hahahahaahahaha
lol good point. have you considered looking into the original der grobbman legend to get a better understanding of slenderman, maybe to find a weakness?
we already know a weakness its the slenderslaying spear we have it but even with its feariful power its still somegahard to kill him
the slenderman spear?
whats that, if you din't mind my asking?
the slenderslaying spear is and was a magic powerful weapon from the Middle Age and the only thing to be destroying Slenderman
huh. i see. but i've seen documented attacks on the slenderman, how do you plan to get close enough to use it? prior attacks havent gone very well..
thats a very good point its a huge problem for us and tough one to
well, what about a distraction? I know it sounds like a not very good idea, but what about having someone waiting in the wings while a decoy attempts to attack him dead on?
thats a good strategy for plan of attacking him to kill him good idea ill s=try it

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