Tuesday, June 19, 2012


  • KuroAshi98
  • Pandawarrior
  • SeaTerror
  • The big croc
    • 2:56The big croc2013*
    • but still its finally some good news about games, apart from WiiU being released later in the year
    • 3:05KuroAshi98FUCK
    • Yeah, i guess its good news lol
    • Mortal Kombat time? :D
    • 3:19SeaTerrorthe australian goverment did something good?
    • surely you jest
    • 3:20KuroAshi98depending on your perspective, bringing in even more violent video games might not be considered 'good' :D
    • 3:20SeaTerrorits very good :D
    • censorship is wrong :D
    • Welcome to the One Piece Encyclopedia chat 
    • 5:08AlexfromtheMarbleHornetshi guys
    • i have to warn you all and everyone to of the ultimete danger from Zalgo hes a megabad monster i have to stop but need help

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