Sunday, June 24, 2012

hey alex!
do i know or knew you in real life not fake life hahahahahahaha
whats up? hows fighting the slenderman day by day going?
good really very good
its a day by day process man, all that filming & editing ya do !
we all know the slendermn is fake bro -.-
yeah hes President Slender now
not Slender Man
thats fake now and not real but he is
no hes not -.- LOLOL
yeah he is i can prove it
prove it !lol
click the link its reallytrue proof of it
no there real photos i took them with my own self and camra to
good to know im a real funnyguy but im talking for the scarier than scary truth of his being real
he is not real ! he is fake . this is a fake ~ you are a fake. your just embarrassing yourselff !
im fighting against sender doom and death for the whole antire worldofslender to be saved by me
YEAH ok dude and actually on the marble hornets you dont do them anymore its Jay & Tim. so ha !
no thats AlexProxie hes a fake and notgood serfvent of the slenderspiracy im the real Alex
omg. bye

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