Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Prelude and Beforestuff To The Ultimate Deathbattling

we marched to Washington D.C. now known for the capital of Slendermerica at the Slender House called before by the White House we went to it and charged on it but it was very defended by Starspawn aand huge battling happened we held off the Starspawn army with gunblasts into them but then they sttarted to transform and combine into Superstarspawn and attacked us with even more power then before they splintered our lines and broke throug hand attacked us we were going t obe doomed for death by them but a megahuge Timeship of SlenderSage and his fell from the time river then it fell fro mthe sky  guys woudve crused us but Patrick teleported it away from us he teloiported out f  the way and onto the Starspawn army or now called the Superstarspawnarmy it crushyed and killed and smashed them to dead then he teloportede out of the way and to saftey him and Showtime and The Beast and SlenderSages guys who are hi m and Survivor Alpha and Survivor Epsilon and Survivor Zeta and Agent Sigma and Agent Super and Ragnawarrior and Thor and Beardman Vikingmaster there   are withh us now and assaulting on the Slender House but a Proxie army serving for Slenderthulu and being led of by a new and measteryous guy wh owe dont know of who he is but is baddangerous is defending it now

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