Thursday, August 30, 2012

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Hello Alex.
hi whats up
Not much, how're you?
good least not dead by proxies or slenderclones hahahahahahahahaha
That's a good sign.
yeah were bringing the fight right back at them the slenderclones
Been seeing him myself too.. But I'm sure that's imagination.
probly not probly slenderclones armys guys surveyying you for President Slender
Don't worry.. They can't get to me.
whys that
Because I'm Dutch.
Anyhow, you've found anything else about the meaning of the Operator's Sign?
oh well President Slenders leading Slendermerica and the Slenderclones armys of it all over the world and conquring it spanish people already got conquered and british and ethipoia starving guys to
dutch places mioght be next but hope not
Slenders will not get to me.. He's afraid of me.
hes not afraid of any guy except the guy with the slenderslaying spear only thing can kill him my friend SlenderSlayer has it
But I'll be prepared.. I have a plan.
Well, Slenderman is older than most think, originating from German Mythos known as Der Ritter.
he goes even truly way farther back than that
ill link
Yes, but the German Mythos are the most clear.
Unfortunately, this is regarding a dream, and not proven with actual evidence.
In the 18th Century, he was active in wales.
Where there is a poet written about him, describing him.
'Hush, thy childe, do not stray far from

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