Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chat Conversation Start
hi whats goig on
Nothing much, I just got home from my sister Jane's
Yeah, I am a little depressed since I found out Jeff and her like each other again
oh thats to bad well good to hear they least arent dead from proxies or slenderclones to that would be way bad and worse
Hm? I heard that name before
Who is this 'Slender'
President Slender hes a waybad evil guy of rule and conquring america now slendermerica
and now with a slenderclone army
Wait, is his full name Slender Man?
it was but he conquered america made it slendermerica now President Slender
I might have heard him from somewhere then
hes way bad and terrafying guy
When I was little, the kids where I lived kept disappearing
that was probly him or servents of him he eats kids its terrable
It sounds like it! but I've heard the stories
thats the real most important story to read its the stroy of me and slenderslayer and quest to stop slenderman now President Slender
yeah its a way awesome story to read
Interesting, I'll read it when I have more time
cool i reccomand it
I thank you! but yeah, honestly tonight I was just searching for someone to talk to I am always alone
thats to bad and sorry to hear it
My sister is better than me, I mean she got the man I have always loved for years to fall in love with her
that doesnt mean shes better than you just bad luck in life sometimes
both my parents are dead, I am alone in this world
sorry to hear that who killed them
I.. I don't know, I was asleep and in the morning I found then lying cold and still in their own blood
oh probly slenderman or proxies serving his bidding
No, my sister saw who it was
then who weas it
She said it was a young man with long black hair and a sickly slit smile
huh never heard of huim
Yeah, so I just feel so a

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