Monday, September 10, 2012

Chat Conversation Start
hi whats up and going on
well, I found your facebook interesting, and thought we might be friends.what you think?
I live in Brazil and would like to talk with outsiders, people here are very boring and empty
sure we can be frends never had one from brazil before whats it like there
well, it's a little cool to live here, but it's still annoying, I do not go too far from home
how to live in Alabama?
not bad other than ruled by President Sledner a evil dictator slen nder man guy its waybad
who is Slender?
President Slender hes a waybad guy of ruling america or as now called slendermerica and soon the whole world unless hes get stopped by us here watch this it gives explains for it
nice vide
nice video''
nice music
thanks it was way terrafying to make thogh
Pres Slend is so scary
hum...he is following you?
yeah him and his Proxies badguys servents to
shit,,,you are real?
yeah im a real guy and exist to
so slender man is real?
yeah hes real and now the president
WHAT...he possessed barack obama?
no he killed barack obama barack obamas dead and replaced by proxobama aa servant of president slender
you can prove to me that what do you say is true?
yeah hold on here comes the truth
kay.i wait
but...and the entrys,,the 64 videos in the web,,,with u?
and ToTheArk?
those were real but now fake and run by proxalex not real one thats me
so the one in the videos is the proxalex?
man,,can u explain to me this
no that was really me and the really true one of it proxalex took over later after season 2 ended
i don understand
after entry #52
what happen after entru #52?
alexproxie took over the marble hornets vlog and twitter so i made realtruemarblehorents blog and twitter
this is the real twitter
yeah it was but alexproxie took over noew this one is
can u follow me ?
my name in there is DemetriusNathar
im already following u
ok ill follow you
you think I'm bothering with the questions I'm asking?
no its no problem at all
type is why I have so many questions, you're very cool guy
I do not want to sound stupid, but I want to join the hunt slender, can I?
you dont sound stupid thats a way cool and awesome thuing to want to be doing sure you can
many people add you just for fun and curiosity?
what led you to accept me,,, unlike any other purposes that you add empty?
what i can do to help will hunt you slender?
kill proxies and other bad guys servents of slender
HUM,,,how to identify them?
good question wathc this video to find out its about slenderclones and slenderclone army
and ur friends ?
theyre waycool guys
no they fight them

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