Saturday, September 15, 2012

I believe Slendy has noticed my research.
whys that and how to
Well.. I've kept several noteblocks with inscriptions and information about old pre-slender sightings.
All of them dissappeared
huh maybe proxie of slender man or as hes now truly more called President Slender
Well. If one of his proxies know, then he knows as well.
yeah he controls them and tells them what to do and kill
Well... They seem not interested in killing me.
not yet at least id get a weapon or gun to just in case
I'm an expert in hand to hand combat, just trust me.
Proxies will hardly beat me unless they're with 5 or more
ahahahhahahahahhashashfshahhahahha okay guy well Pres Slend has Slenderclones way badder guys for fighting and more danger to

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