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Everyman Hybrid

Case #330562, fully declassified.Edit

On March 21 of 2010, the first video in the "Everyman HYBRID" series was put up on Youtube. It was meant to chronicle a "health & fitness" series of videos hosted by 3 young men named Vince, Jeff, & Evan. During the initial videos a number of "Slenderman" sightings occur, although many appear to be clumsy hoaxes. However two months later on May 17, in the seventh video posted the three young men encounter the real Slenderman, who appears in their house & then slams a door & seeminly vanishes. In the next video the three admit to staging a hoax but now believe that they are being harrassed by an outside party, who is taking their Slenderman joke too far. They warn whoever it is to stop bothering them. Slowly it becomes clear to them that this is the true Slenderman.
The video series is ongoing & spans multipe youtube & twitter accounts as well as other sitets. A mysterious connection to a "Doctor Corenthal" & three young boys some 30 years prior sharing the names of the protagonist, as well a young girl who may or may not be linked to the also mysterious "Damsel" who eventually joins the three. Additionally, a seemingly malevolent being known as The Rake stalks the protagonist, injuring them & perhaps murdering others. As of November 2010, there is an ongoing game of sorts called "The Seven Trials of HABIT", another mysterious entity that, via Twitter, tasks the three men & their Damsel as well as others to perform strange tasks in exchange for clues to unlock the mystery.
Along with Marble Hornets, it is one of three major video recordings of prolonged Slenderman incidents, the other being Tribe Twelve.
Evans dead now its EvanProxie for the Slenderspiracy of President Slender dont trust of him
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