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this guy might be for the Slenderspiracy ill be watching of him

Don't ask me to whirl.

aka Weirdowithcoffee

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October 25, 2011
  • I live in New York
  • I was born on April 14
  • My occupation is the wiki's punching bag
  • I am Mr. Brightside
It's KOROMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't break the rules, or suffer the hammer.
Awe inspiring piece of art.
Cool story, AlexfromtheMarbleHornets. Tell it again?



About meEdit

Horror for life.
I usually read creepypastas with enough thought, paranoia factor, subtlety (though not limited to it) to get me reading. I also have an affinity for troll pastas with the exception of HTPs (unless they are well written). I'm 14, male and living in Somers, New York. I'm also a self-proclaimed grammar nazi on this wiki, so expect to see me correcting grammar mistakes in pastas a lot (I will check your user submissions list or leave a message in your talk page if permission is required). I'm also an administrator here so feel free to ask me any questions concerning the editing (or the chat). Mostly minor edits and chat. I have an affinity for metal music, and classic rock. Some of my favorite bands are:
Electric Wizard, Led Zeppelin, Tool, Reverend Bizarre, and lots more.
I became a chat moderator on February 23d, 2012, and an admin on April 19th, 2012. Happy days!
My Personal Quote: "The pen is not what is mighty, what is mighty is the one who wields it."

Favorite pastasEdit

ME TIE DOUGH-TY WALKER! - First read it in the original book. Nostalgic (even though I'm 14, hah.)
Squidward's Suicide - Incredibly unsettling. The only bad thing I can say about this pasta is that it spawned many cruddy clone lost episode pastas.
Suicidemouse.avi - Another inspirational lost episode. Boring to most, genius to others (like me).
BEN - Awesome, but like Squidward's Suicide, spawned way too many cruddy clone pastas.
Salvation - Very cool ritual pasta, the one that got me into ritual pastas as a whole.
Frown Cat - Hilarious, especially since I never found Smile Dog scary in the first place.
Love - Beautiful, just beautiful.
The Cleansing - The most disturbing pasta I have ever read, hands down. Words will not describe the terrible feelings it gave me after I first read it...major cheers to the author of this nearly flawless pasta. In fact, I think the only thing wrong with it is how much it scared me!
Cupcakes - Greatest fanfic ever. You could actually see Pinkie Pie doing that and feel Rainbow Dash's suffering...
Family Heirlooms - This was some NASTY shit! Nuff said.
"We were. We were slender." - Probably the best Slendy pasta I've seen on site.
The Russian Sleep Experiment - So damn creepy. So realistic, so plausible, which is what makes it so awesomely disturbing.

Creepypasta Wiki FriendsEdit

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Best FriendsEdit

Maverick (best bud #1)
Trey (best bud #2)
Hidden (best bud #3)
Mr. Pengy


User:Rundevil Still the best, since 1973
Mr. Amazing
Mr. Guy
I suck
Yes, I actually like this guy now
King of creepers
User Pasta guy
The Slenderman

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Creepypasta Wiki EnemiesEdit

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WE ARE FRENIMIES! I'm kinda indiferent about you...If you ever existed at one time, click here! 23:45, March 29, 2012 (UTC)

My SubpagesEdit

User:Weirdowithcoffee/My Stats
User:Weirdowithcoffee/Edit count
User:Weirdowithcoffee/My goals


"Mindless slaves to the black god..."

My Pastas (So Far)Edit

My Daughter
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Season 3 Episode 13 - "Damnation"
The Worker
The Customer and the Cashier

Epic quotesEdit

"There are two kinds of angry people in this world: explosive and implosive. Explosive, which is the most common, is the type of individual you see screaming at a grocery store cashier for not taking his coupon. Implosive, the least common, is the cashier at the store who remains quiet at his job day after day until he then finally loses it and just shoots everyone in the store. You're the cashier." - Dr. Buddy Rydell, Anger Management
"Humans are the workers in a biiig corporation. If there was not Boss (man upstairs) do you really think we would have reason to behave or follow rules? The belief--or more correctly, the fear--of a higher power keeps the people in check. It's a security blanket for the masses to explain away guilt, causality, and/or reasoning for otherwise unexplainable events." - ClericofMadness
"If you admit you are an asshole, you aren't that big of an asshole." - CrazyFerret
"As for religion, it's also a way for elites, traditionalists, cretins and other unsavory characters such as dictators to exercise control over us. Whether or not they really believe in what they preach, it serves as a deterrent to their subjects to rebel as well as making their controlling edicts seem justified by claiming to be fighting for a good cause. The Bible contains more holes than the ending of ME3." - ObliterationoftheSelf
"When clean hands go foul, angels are easily broken. And I broke one. I broke one because I could." - Khanate, Wings From Spine
"Beliefs are what cause the brain to stop functioning. Believe in nothing..." - Maynard James Keenan
"Pirates are evil!!? The Marines are righteous!!? These terms have changed throughout the course of history! Children who have never seen peace and children who have never seen war have different values! Those who stand at the top determine what is right and what is wrong! This very place is neutral ground! Justice will prevail, you say? But of course it will! Whoever wins this war becomes justice!!!!" - Donquixote Doflamingo, One Piece
"How about getting on Guy Fawkes masks and gathering together outside the White House and watching it explode?" - BlittleMcNilsen

Wikis I'm onEdit

Creepypasta Wiki: Active chat moderator
Saki Wiki: Active sysop
Electric Wizard Wiki: Founder
Unanything Wiki: Active sysop
One Piece wiki: Active editor and chatter
Total Drama Island Wiki: Inactive editor and chatter
UnMario Wiki: Inactive editor


Reverend Bizarre - Cirith Ungol (complete)

Crappypasta WeaponsEdit

For literally spam pages.
For pastas that just downright suck ass.
For pastas so bad they're horrible.
For pastas which just don't make any sense.
Mr. PengyAdded by Mr. Pengy
For the pastas that try too damn hard.

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