Monday, March 24, 2014

a nother verygood storys for probably getting deleted by the creepy nazis soon

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It was just a normal day for me. I was just on my computer, playing my games as I always do everyday. I was looking in my Steam library and realized that I had Half-Life 2, but not the original. I went onto the Store and searched Half-Life. It found it, so I clicked on it. To my surprise, it was on sale for $2.49, so I tried to buy it. Unfortunately, it wouldn't let me buy it. I then called up my friend that pretty much has every game known to man. I asked him if he had it, but he said no. I then resorted to searching the internet for it. I found it on a website I had never heard of. It was offering the game for free with a download button. I found it quite weird that the download finished within about 5 minutes, but I thought to myself that it was an old game from a time that games were only about half a GB. Plus, I did have fast internet. It was in the form of a zip file, which was normal for something coming off the internet, but when I opened the file, there was only one folder and and exe file, both named "LOST". I thought nothing of it and extracted them to a folder on my desktop, as it was probably just the game, but with a different file name. I was feeling tired, so I turned my computer off and went to bed. All I could think about was why the files were named LOST.

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