Monday, March 10, 2014

  • Prince Finneowbas do u want me to post the entire script of bee movie on your timeline
  • 1:45Basitsnakeno
  • 1:45MinxiePieI do
  • 1:45BasitsnakeDONT YOU FUCKING DARE
  • 1:45バグニバグあalex you cant use anything other than english letters
  • 1:45MinxiePieI rquest it
  • 1:45Irishninja0*throws cannibalistic worms at the chat*
  • 1:45Grammatikno means yes finn
  • 1:45Lei Omakiwe need a goat from another wiki
  • 1:45MinxiePierequest*
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  • 1:46MinxiePieDisney Wiki.
  • 1:46UrotsukI"Bagunibagua in it a little, whats with that, fine reason your name for that it means"
  • 1:46Irishninja0*spreads them everywhere*
  • 1:46AlexKrailwhy for banning me
  • 1:46Lei Omakiit was a kick
  • 1:46WhyIsAgnerReadingThisWut
  • 1:46UrotsukIthat was spam
  • spamming kanji
  • 1:46AlexKrailits so bigited to ban people for talking in other languages
  • 1:46UrotsukI._.
  • You have been kicked by WhyIsAgnerReadingThis. 

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