Tuesday, March 18, 2014

megascary story censored on by the Slenderspiracy but its not mine

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blaze the sluater

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  1. it was 2007  march and the day was the 12th about 8:00 pm i was getting ready for bed in my new home my family hade just moved into i heard a strange noise outside my house window i was on the second storie so i did not care much but still looked nothing but the trash can swaying i was wondering why but figured it was a cat or dog maby a wolf i went to bed as normal i heard footsteps on my roof outside my window i was alert and grabed a wepon a strange man like figure stood i could not see well my eyes were squinting but all it was just a shadow and vanished when i rubed my eyes . the next morning cops were at my home my older brother was killed his limbs gone well all but  one of his legs and arms he was outside working on something that night the most disturbing part was that a blood mesadge was on are back wall saying my name and it also said you are going to die i looked at my brother with tears running down my face i looked at his leg and armed agian to my suprise they were burt to the bone and  his head god it was choped off  but still right next to the body i told a detective he looked at the head it was hallowed out and blood stains on the back of the neck they  said it was mostl ikely what the killer used to write the mesadge to me but why the hell me i asked  to myself they hade  cops stand  all around my house for the next week no more actions they left after about 2 more weeks but one night after the next week i woke up with a face looking at me with a smile it hade a mask on  its hair was actualy brown  and the mask was broken at the mouth it hade cracks in it as well the eyes there were non i turned on the light and my god no eyes but blood was runing out of them  but slow i whated to scream but said this insted what is your name and why did you do it ? he gave me a smile opeing his mouth only top teath no tough or bottem teath just blood he siad i gues ill give you that much sence i only have killed your bother so far and he said my name it sent chills down my spine and i back up agest the window he told me and showed me his axe and lighter the axe was coverd in blood and was rusted and old and the lighter was the same exept burnt all over  he told me he killed his hole home town becuase of  what his father did to him. So  in anger he killed everyone and burned his hole town down were m family lived was right were his old house once was  i backed up in shock and siad what in hell are you he smilled swinging his axe into my bed saying im something that you can never forget i looked at his clothing blood splaterd from pasted victoms and a peace torn off of his clothing revealing his harm he was  in a jacket without a hoddie it was cut off because he  hade the mask his paints were black and his jacket was well grey so he could blend in with the night he told me this with a wide smile the day i was old and about to die he would clam my life in the worst was he could think of becuase he whated me to spread the word about him . The next thing i new i was waking up in the morning i looked were he hade smashed his axe the hole was gone a few months after the man so called killed my brother was  found and sent to the death penalty my family got to watch becuase of how bad he killed my brother as i watched emotionless as he was  dieing in the eectric chair i knew the man wasent the killed i call the killer i got to see that night blaze the sluater i knew he was real becuase of the pain and how scared i was . a few months later my brother was baried every year sence  2007 we go to his grave and say happy birthday but every time i go it only reminds me of the masked phyco blaze the sluater .

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