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a pasta for getting deleted by the Slenderconspiracy guys at Creepypasta Wiki huh but slendermans not nice like it says there must be some other thing for being true in it but what

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Subject S126

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Subject S126, more commonly known as the “Slender Man” is one of a large group, possibly species, which inhabit planet Earth alongside humans. Generally passive, these creatures become aggressive when caught on film. They seem to have a special interest in defending children, as there have been reports of one or more “Slender Men” combating more powerful creatures as well as other humans in the defense of a child.
The Subject appears to be a biological entity, and has been housed within the Construct since its inception in 1946. Communication is difficult, and can only be achieved using video to record the creature’s thoughts. This is why other members of the species produce static when being filmed. The species have the unique ability to broadcast their thoughts onto film, although these film files are often cryptic and frightening.
All attempts to converse with wild members of the species have met with marked hostility, as according to the Subject, they just want to be left alone. Diplomatic contact is yet to be established. The subject and any further developments are classed as Class 1 Subsection B.
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