Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Resistance Movement

were here now we tried to convince them to get into an army for us but they said that when Slenderthulu was very first came into power as that and not President Slender he sent a huge army of Starspawn of Slenderthulu thats Slenderthulu formed them out of stars he sent an army of them to kill and destroy the Resistance Movement and huge fighting happened. the Resistance Movement put up a good fighting defence and lots of the Starspawn were made dead by their fighting but eventually the Starspawn won and the survivng guys from the Resistance splintered into diffrent groups and went into hiding from President Slenderthulus new rain of terror on Slendermerica. now there arnt enough of them left to form into an army and even if it was their communications are broken and smashed to pieces by the Starspawn so they couldnt gather

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