Tuesday, May 22, 2012

the attack and adventure of getting The Doctor

what you know we attacked The Pentagon was here but what you dont know what came after it. during the fighting was fast and terrible i was wounded by Joseph with a knife but Masky saved me and The Doctor fixed my wounded stabs thats when i told The Doctor i need him to be recruited by me for a army im gatherin g to get an army and kill President Slenderthulu i needed his trulyhuge power for the army. he said okay and he left Maskys group and joined mine just when that happened a new one did to Fisk blew up The Pentagon with C12 explodermines almost none suirvived it. but we did because Damien still had residuel power left over from his blown off hand that was holding the bonepower talisman got blown up here  he still had some of it left he used it to teleport me and Spectre and him and The Doctor away from the explosion to a verymoresafe place. now to raise the army to lead against and stopping Slenderthulu we need to go to the main command of the Resistance Movement and convince them of turning into an army for fighting him

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