Wednesday, May 9, 2012


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  • Gothic Neko
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  • Miss.Nicolle
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  • ZiLLa Logic
    • 7:12Gothic NekoNot reading links can be hazardous to your login
    • 7:13Miss.NicolleXD
    • 7:13Joshua-ConduitI think I'm gonna go to sleep in like, half an hour, went to sleep at 2:30 last night and woke up 5:45 this morning
    • 7:13EB683STOP STEALING MY DAMN JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • 7:13ToestheUnwholySo wassup
    • 7:13Miss.NicolleLast time I tried that I failed XD
    • 7:14The lone wanderer's bad-ass grandmai can feel the ban power seeping through my skin, corrupting every fiber of my soul
    • 7:14Vault girl76lol
    • wtf
    • 7:14Agent cGood, Give in to the dark side
    • Welcome to the Nukapedia chat 
    • 7:14Joshua-ConduitThe ban-hammer does that
    • 7:14ToestheUnwholyYou a satanist
    • 7:14Agent cNow, Strike Nic down
    • 7:14Miss.NicolleDo you put what you want it to say before or after the | ?
    • 7:14Vault girl76let the hate flow through you
    • 7:14The lone wanderer's bad-ass grandmai would be giving in more, but hteres no one left to ban
    • 7:14Agent c<a href=" blog:Agent c/I'd like to thank the Academy....|Thank">User blog:Agent c/I'd like to thank the Academy....|Thank</a> you blog
    • I give up
    • 7:14Gothic NekoBan Fraze, he likes it.
    • 7:15Miss.NicolleLOL Chad
    • 7:15AlexfromtheMarbleHornetshey im here for the chat whats for the nuking?
    • 7:15Miss.NicolleI thought it went in [ ] ?
    • 7:15Agent c[User_blog:Agent_c/I'd_like_to_thank_the_Academy.... Has this done it?]
    • 7:15Joshua-ConduitI'd like to thank the academy? Fight Club?
    • 7:15Agent cApparently not
    • 7:15Vault girl76dammit
    • 7:15ToestheUnwholyYes. Do it.
    • 7:15The lone wanderer's bad-ass grandmahes not on the BS wiki
    • 7:15AlexfromtheMarbleHornetsffight club is a megacool movie
    • 7:15Agent cFight Club is awesome, but not an intentional reference
    • 7:16AlexfromtheMarbleHornetsyeah
    • 7:16Joshua-Conduitoh ok
    • 7:16LimmiegirlC: desc
    • Eh
    • 7:16AlexfromtheMarbleHornetsintentional awesome for a realcool movie though right

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