Wednesday, May 9, 2012

  • indeed
  • 7:33LimmiegirlOh nevermind, I thought you were asking about changing your name
  • 7:33AlexfromtheMarbleHornetsoh
  • 7:33GarouxBloodlineIt's still sad to see a user leave though.
  • Even if he wasn't very liked by some here.
  • 7:33AlexfromtheMarbleHornetsespecially from life
  • 7:33Tocinoman"All of you tell him why he's being a baby. STOP GANGING UP ON HIM!"
  • 7:33Miss.NicolleNo offence, but when said user is Gauzz, I am far from sad
  • 7:33AlexfromtheMarbleHornetssad to see them leave life
  • 7:34The lone wanderer's bad-ass grandma*everyone
  • 7:34AlexfromtheMarbleHornetsforever

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