Wednesday, May 2, 2012

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[8:54 PM] boatwithahorseinit: I have one but it's a big piece of shit.
[8:54 PM] alexfrommh: hey guys im here
[8:54 PM] alexfrommh: for the chatting
[8:54 PM] boatwithahorseinit: Or a tiny piece of shit more accurately
[8:55 PM] alexfrommh: what
[8:55 PM] alexfrommh: ?
[8:55 PM] alexfrommh: whats it called
[8:55 PM] alexfrommh: it sounds megaterrible
[8:55 PM] alexfrommh: oh
[8:55 PM] alexfrommh: The Advocate
[8:56 PM] alexfrommh: his blog?
[8:56 PM] alexfrommh: to long dont read for it right
[8:57 PM] alexfrommh: that he could die of heart attacks
[8:57 PM] alexfrommh: from being so old
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[8:58 PM] boatwithahorseinit: Alex is stupid and hilarious
[8:58 PM] alexfrommh: thanks for the hilarious and not stupid im not but the second one you is true
[8:58 PM] boatwithahorseinit: I feel honoured that he trolled my trailhead
[8:58 PM] alexfrommh: and whos pissed of me Rob?
[8:58 PM] alexfrommh: oh
[8:59 PM] alexfrommh: boatwithahorseinit
[8:59 PM] alexfrommh: what was your trailhead
[8:59 PM] boatwithahorseinit: To become public knowlage, 3 posts in it, Alex from DH trolled me
[8:59 PM] boatwithahorseinit: epically
[8:59 PM] alexfrommh: oh
[8:59 PM] boatwithahorseinit: No more blogs
[8:59 PM] boatwithahorseinit: With a shitty NMH photoshop
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[9:00 PM] alexfrommh: hedgehogs are very stange cretyures
[9:00 PM] guest-116087 changed nickname to zero

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[9:00 PM] puppet: Zeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerooooooooooooo
[9:00 PM] boatwithahorseinit: The fact he's actually pissing people off is quite humerous
[9:00 PM] puppet: :D
[9:00 PM] zero: uhhh hi
[9:01 PM] puppet: Hai. o:
[9:01 PM] boatwithahorseinit: You know you've made it in the Slenderverse when either A. You're gamejacked or B. trolled
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[9:01 PM] tharol: people there post nio upload you suck
[9:01 PM] boatwithahorseinit: Isn't that the one that really sucked?
[9:02 PM] candelora: Tale of Tales updated
[9:02 PM] boatwithahorseinit: Or did I miss something?
[9:02 PM] candelora: Go look
[9:02 PM] alexfrommh: \Hey Candelora.
[9:02 PM] tharol: cheer
[9:02 PM] tharol: post link
[9:02 PM] candelora: Okay
[9:02 PM] candelora:
[9:02 PM] rob2:
[9:02 PM] rob2:
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[9:03 PM] alexfrommh: mmz livestream on Friday?
[9:03 PM] guest-116144 changed nickname to candelora
[9:03 PM] candelora:
[9:03 PM] alexfrommh: I'll be there.
[9:03 PM] tharol: ok reading
[9:03 PM] alexfrommh: Hey.
alexfrommh: whose crystal tailing
[9:04 PM] candelora: Who?
alexfrommh: you said it
[9:04 PM] candelora: Bristol Palin
[9:04 PM] alexfrommh: oh
[9:04 PM] tharol:  I realized that I was indeed a lesbian. 
[9:05 PM] boatwithahorseinit: 2005? SO OLD
[9:05 PM] tharol: reads passed out
candelora: XD
[9:05 PM] puppet: I enjoyed your post :DD
[9:06 PM] zero: i like it i think its difrent :3
[9:06 PM] puppet: Slendsbians :DD
[9:06 PM] zero: XD
[9:06 PM] candelora: LEZZIE LIZIIE
[9:06 PM] candelora: LIZZIE
[9:07 PM] alexfrommh: the slenderverse is not  a supergood place for getting lesbian action
[9:07 PM] ryan: XD
candelora: Yeah, that's the point. I can't wait to see to see people expect lesbian action
[9:08 PM] alexfrommh: yeah thats what the slenderverse needs and more better blogs and vlogs
candelora: XD
[9:08 PM] tharol: mining town four
[9:09 PM] alexfrommh: thats the minjetown that the proxie scientist know to Doctor Corenthal killed of and they 
[9:09 PM] boatwithahorseinit: Eh get kdnapped by colloctorz and afrades of everthang
[9:09 PM] alexfrommh: the EMH guys names
9:09 PM] candelora: XD

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