Wednesday, May 9, 2012

  • GarouxBloodlineHe used the exact same defection notice as Gauzz.
  • 7:27The lone wanderer's bad-ass grandmamurdering prostitutes is an anjoyable past time
  • wait....this isnt my diary...
  • 7:28LimmiegirlWe can ask Sannse
  • 7:28Gothic NekoHey Leon.
  • 7:28TocinomanCopy and paste...?
  • 7:28GarouxBloodlineYes?
  • 7:28LimmiegirlTo verify the IP
  • 7:28Vault girl76Ghoul
  • 7:28GarouxBloodlineI was thinking that.
  • 7:28ToestheUnwholySex in human form
  • 7:28Denis517hey!
  • 7:28GarouxBloodlineJust figured I'd ask you all if you noticed any similarities
  • 7:28Vault girl76:>
  • 7:28Denis517I am not a ghoul, yet
  • 7:28TocinomanI'm telling you it ain't Gauzzy. The kid was too fired up in editing. Look at the Fo3 and NV quotes project
  • 7:28ToestheUnwholyYET

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