Friday, May 4, 2012

the beginning of our quest for killing of Slenderthulu

little were we known of Slenderthulu could teloport to he smelt out the magicpower on Damien and teleported to it or us for killing us but Dav Flamrock revealed of since he was waysosmartandprofessor guy he was studied for trasnforming hisself into megamegacosmicrake or the badmenace of being fought in this blog here and soon for this one to if he gets to being here in the thennowtimes for waybig revange like he wants of it thaat is megamegacosmicrake but Dav Flamrock turned with it with a magicspell he was now a megamegacosmicrake but not as strong as one as the one that Robert is fighting of in his blog or known to be the true megamegacosmicrake he said of it "okay Slenderthulu now its my turn for teach a lesson of you in megahuge pain" he flew into Slenderthulu and blasted of him with his cosmic megabeams i was known to that Dav Flamrock or now to be known for megamegacosmicrake2 he coudnt truly beat of Slenderthulu he was buying us time to find a way for getting to stop to Slenderthulu so i had an idea of finding a waymegapower guy called The Doctor from Slender Nation or now called Slender Nation the waybadsite home of the Slenderspiracy so me and Spectre and Damien and ALEXS HELPER or a newguy for joining with us a longtime ago but just being told of it now we took a Resistence helicopter and went of a quest for finding The Doctor

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