Tuesday, May 22, 2012

the battle with TheBigBadWolf and now to the maincommand

TheBigBadWolf found us and attacked us there was a fight with him. Spectre was blasting him so many times with bullets from his gun but bullets didnt affect him he knocked Spectre wayback. next Damien tried to blast him with magic but there wasnt enough left in him and TheBigBadWolf slashed open his chest and make him bleed from it. i tried to stop him but i was too wounded from the stab by Joseph in the battle here and weak from it to and he beat me to bloody pulp oly i wasnt really an orange its a metafor. he was going to kill and devour my corpse once he killed me when Spectre jumped and stabbed his head with a silver knife he had it kills all werewolfs he died from it. were at the maincommand for the Resistance Movement now and terying to convince them

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