Thursday, February 6, 2014

  • 2:05Hot Jamallyskyrim is terrible compared to oblivion
  • 2:05FriendlyJimHe invented more than just he dynamite, and he helped millions of people by being WAY before his time.
  • 2:05Mr Outrageous:3
  • 2:05FriendlyJimIt wasn't "just the dynamite".
  • 2:05MindOfZitrasoblivion is way better than skyrim
  • 2:05The Bitter ColdIt's not terrible in comparison, but Oblivion definitely takes the cake.
  • 2:05AgnersteinOMFG
  • ALEXSHELPERGUY has joined the chat. 
  • 2:05Agnerstein
  • hawnHowellsCPEvery elder scrolls is better than the last
  • 2:05AlexKraildineamite kills waysomuch people
  • 2:06ShawnHowellsCPI beat all except Arena
  • 2:06The Bitter ColdNot necessarily true
  • Morrowind was far better than Daggerfall.
  • 2:06FriendlyJimMorrowind>Oblivion>Skyrim>Arena>Daggerfall
  • Imo
  • 2:06AgnersteinI just won in an argument with Lucey!
  • 2:06ChaoZStriderI like Morrowind
  • 2:06MindOfZitrasaha im sitting in my civics class on this xD
  • 2:06AgnersteinI DID THE IMPOSSIBLE~
  • ChaoZStriderYOU ARE MY BITCH
  • 2:06ALEXSHELPERGUYi got chatbaned by so not good slender mod guys of on the spirasy
  • 2:06ChaoZStriderSHUSH
  • 2:06AgnersteinNO
  • 2:06UnknownProdigymaybe...
  • 2:06ALEXSHELPERGUYhahahahahhahahaa
  • ALEXSHELPERGUY has been banned by Agnerstein 

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