Monday, February 24, 2014

  • 2:22Peace'n Hugstu me manques = i miss you
  • je te manque = you miss me
  • 2:22Agent cah
  • I would, but I really need to settle in and then do some family law stuff for tomorrow
  • 2:23Peace'n Hugsaight
  • i'm gonna work on my paper then
  • cya
  • 2:23Agent cCya
  • 2:32SixthGuyForChattinghi guys
  • 2:32Agent clo
  • Welcome to the Wasteland 
  • 2:33SixthGuyForChattingand hi alexkrail agen ahahhahahahahahahah its ALEXHELPER
  • 2:33AlexKrailhi whats up for the chatting here
  • hey SixthGuyForChatting
  • 2:33SixthGuyForChattingyou guys have a fallout 4 page
  • that game doesnt exist
  • 2:33AlexKrailhows gos the slenderfight
  • 2:33SixthGuyForChattingits good but you now that your fiteing it with me hahahahahahhahahhahahahahahhahahahah
  • 2:33AlexKrailA huge and important issue that people need to know of is the true fact that all world leaders are shapeshifting mutants hidden in disguise. This has been happening for hundreds of years and centuries, ever since Earth was first visited by the saucers. The mutants have taken out, replaced, and switched back every world leader and most celebrities too. We are surrounded on all sides. The moon landing was faked, falsified, and re enacted by the mutants so we wouldn’t discover the HIDDEN BASE KNOWN AS ‘THE MOON’. NASA is actually a mutant organization that stands for ‘National Alliance of Space Aliens’. The Russians have been infiltrated so they want to infiltrate us with mutants that they hired to breach us. An estimated 100% or more of terrorists are mutants. The mutants also have mind commanding powers that they use to control peoples brains.
  • These evil brain commands are responsible for the holocaust, both Gulf Wars and the Mayan calendar. 9/11 was an inside job from outside this solar system. Time travelling mutants are a blast from the past.
  • 2:34Agent cOk, enough walls thanks
  • 2:34AlexKrailNukapedia On the Wiki Wiki Activity Random page Videos Photos Chat News Fallout games Fallout: New Vegas Comm. Contribute Share Watchlist Random page Recent changes Home View source Talk303 16,650PAGES ON THIS WIKI Welcome to Nukapedia A Fallout wiki with 16,650 articles We are creating the ultimate guide to the Fallout series, and you can help! About · Contribute · Forum · Help pages · Policies Nukapedia's content portals FO1Logo Logo Fallout2 Fallout 3 logo Fallout NV logo Fallout Fallout 2 Fallout 3 Fallout: New Vegas FOTactics Logo FOBoSLogo CXgamestest3 Fallout4-placeholder-1 Fallout Tactics Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel Canceled Games Fallout 4 [edit]Contents RPGs Fallout Fallout 2 Fallout 3 Add-ons Fallout: New Vegas Add-ons Spin-offs Fallout Tactics Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel Other games Fallout in other media Future games Fallout 4 Fallout setting Characters Creatures Robots and computers Factio
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