Monday, February 3, 2014

  • Blondvscarberryno jsut becasue they didn't like the movie. and when i say parents I mean my mom.
  • Year Of The Communist has joined the chat. 
  • 11:14Year Of The Communisthuehuehuehue
  • 11:14Davidrojo0315Hey guys whats your worst fear
  • 11:14Lord Daevyd, Lord of TimeDon't start bitching about parents please.
  • 11:15Sanguinante PrimoComme ci, comme ça, Sion
  • 11:15Lord Daevyd, Lord of TimeDat lag.
  • 11:15AlexKrailhe just said his mom didnt let him watch a movie
  • thats not bitching
  • 11:15Sion.jones.14ok thats all i know in french hah
  • 11:15Blondvscarberryhey i'm a girl
  • 11:15Sion.jones.14no saying
  • 11:15AlexKrailprove it
  • 11:15Davidrojo0315Obviously she's a girl :p
  • HaloHaloFanat1c69 has joined the chat. 
  • 11:15Lord Daevyd, Lord of TimeNo, I know, just giving a heads up, because most people then start bitching about their parents afterwards, Alex.
  • 11:15AlexKrailoh
  • 11:15Sanguinante PrimoNo wonder you answered that weird.

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