Thursday, February 6, 2014

  • Skyrim is life.
  • Skyrim is love.
  • 2:03ShawnHowellsCPTesla also found the first recorded "proof" of aliens The black night satellite
  • 2:03ChaoZStriderGameboss, don't spam.
  • 2:03UnknownProdigyright Shawn
  • 2:04AgnersteinI win~
  • 2:04FriendlyJimTesla even fucking envisioned the internet way before it was born
  • 2:04AlexKrailblack knight satellite is really for real not a thing to be laughing of
  • 2:04The Bitter ColdI'm listening to Battlesoul.
  • 2:04Gold legacychaoz ar u lucey
  • 2:04The Bitter Cold\m/
  • GAMEBOSS2 has left the chat. 
  • 2:04FriendlyJimHe should win the Nobel prize in every category.

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