Monday, February 10, 2014

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Aliens Invasion 0on Earth

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it was at thwe scholp lp pep raly thats wher it hapepjnd eric ewornend he took me under hte bleachters and told me not to scream or he woudl beat me yup and kille me he dreuss us in a  a  fox suits he said n ow  youre  like tails then he put on a hegeghog suit he saidc he was sonic it had a ghole in it ina bad place so did meine but a difernent place he took out his peniss it waws  so small but he had a super attachmeynt for it he i trieud to run but hwe grebbed me and hold me down and rape me it huert so  much and bad to the nh e yeleld gotta go fas t and did as uper speed burts on me it made me bled so much and almosrt faint he sad cmone step it up and did even fgaster and a n ukltiate burst it tored me open and mafe me go nunconscous he said ile paly with you next times and did a light buyrst out of there

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