Monday, February 24, 2014

  • ALEXSHELPERGUYpartiianyway it me sixthguy im back
  • hahahaha
  • 2:37Agent cI've undone your ban
  • 2:37ALEXSHELPERGUYpartiihad to post the truth on conspirasy
  • sorry for it :(
  • 2:37Agent cActually no I havent
  • that was the other guy Idid
  • 2:38OfficialLolGuyhey everyone
  • 2:38Agent cthis account alex is getting banned for life
  • for circumventing a ban
  • Welcome to the Wasteland 
  • 2:38Agent cEither that or I'm a lizard. Im not sure
  • You have been banned by Agent c. 

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