Friday, February 28, 2014

You do not have permission to edit this page, for the following reason:
Your account or IP address has been blocked from editing.
You were blocked by Coelacanth0794 with the following comment:
Disruption-only account: S:C troll
The blocked IP address is
The block ID: #59519
You are still allowed to read pages; you are merely prevented from editing them.

What do I do now?

  • If you wish to discuss the block, you may do so on your talk page. Abusing your ability to edit your talk page may result in it being removed as well. More information on our blocking policy may be found here.


If you have been "autoblocked", someone who was using your IP address or shared proxy was blocked, resulting in your IP address being blocked indirectly. If you feel that this block does not apply to you, you may appeal the block at your talk page.


MediaWiki, the software that the RuneScape Wiki runs on, identifies users without an account through their IP address. However, some IPs are shared by many people, and as a result unregistered users are sometimes blocked for the misbehaviour of another editor. Since administrators have no way to accurately tell the claims of an innocent user from those of an anonymous vandal, we strongly encourage you to create an account. This gives you your own contribution history which administrators can use to determine if you are a trustworthy user who has been inadvertently blocked.

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