Monday, February 3, 2014

  • DarkLegionXXXYou started it off with "Once upon a time" ._.)
  • 10:34Ectobiologistno one cares about your shitpasta
  • 10:34Year Of The Communistonce upon a time stop
  • 10:34AlexKrailyeah thats how storys start
  • 10:34BlondvscarberryThe other day in world history we were learning about toture devices they used back then and I was the only person who wasn't borthered at all
  • 10:34Year Of The CommunistEcto
  • 10:34Blondvscarberryby it
  • 10:34DarkLegionXXXsotries*
  • 10:34Ectobiologistno thats how fairy tales and shitty pastas start
  • 10:35ThexosEcto is right.
  • 10:35DarkLegionXXXstories*
  • 10:35Year Of The CommunistI want to study biology with you c;
  • 10:35Ectobiologistare you a boy or a girl
  • 10:35Year Of The Communistidk
  • what are you
  • 10:35ThexosReproduction in animals, Comm?
  • 10:35Ectobiologisti can work with that

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