Monday, February 3, 2014

  • Ectobiologisti can work with that
  • Quality Control has left the chat. 
  • 10:35Year Of The Communistecto wat r u
  • 10:35EctobiologistM but i can pretend to be a female yo
  • 10:35ThexosNoah is a man.
  • 10:35Year Of The Communistayyy
  • c;;;
  • 10:35Blondvscarberrymy mom called me a weirdo for liking creepypasta
  • 10:35DarkLegionXXXI learned about it, and I went to youtube and looked up "Top 10 torture devices throughout History" pretty cool stuff
  • 10:36WaveDivisionMultiplexeroh
  • 10:36Year Of The CommunistIt wouldn't be the first time I bedded a man
  • 10:36Ectobiologistblond your mom is right
  • 10:36Blondvscarberrywhy's tht?
  • 10:36DarkLegionXXXblonde*
  • 10:36WaveDivisionMultiplexerwas Vlad The Impaler included?
  • you know
  • 10:36DarkLegionXXXI am blonde
  • Sergeant SteelHooves has joined the chat. 
  • 10:36AlexKrailcommunist and gay how suprising
  • 10:36DarkLegionXXXnot
  • 10:36WaveDivisionMultiplexerthe guy who impaled people?
  • 10:36DarkLegionXXXmaybe...
  • 10:36Year Of The CommunistI'm not gay
  • LOL

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