Monday, February 3, 2014

  • EctobiologistChat is not the place to post your shitty pasta when it gets deleted.
  • 10:25Lord Daevyd, Lord of TimeI'm leaving.
  • 10:25The Bitter Cold
  • 10:25Sanguinante PrimoWhy, Giggy
  • o.o
  • 10:26SilverspotsFor the day, Agn?
  • 10:26Lord Daevyd, Lord of TimeNo
  • just for a lil bit
  • 10:26FriendlyJimI want to take you all bowling.
  • 10:26Year Of The CommunistSandguien
  • ily
  • 10:26Sanguinante PrimoOh okei
  • 10:26Lord Daevyd, Lord of Timegotta take care of some shit with Steve

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