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The Haunted Well Edit

I just made my first pasta The Haunted Well it was so spooky and also sscary why was it delted for being to close to the truth of it? here ill post it here so you remember it 
  Pastebin launched a little side project called, check it out ;-)Don't like ads? PRO users don't see any ads ;-) Public Pastes*The Haunted Well1 sec ago
   00=The Haunted Well= BY: A GUEST ON FEB 3RD, 2014  |  SYNTAX: NONE  |  SIZE: 3.95 KB  |  HITS: 0  |  EXPIRES: NEVERDOWNLOAD  |  RAW  |  EMBED  |  REPORT ABUSE  |  PRINT  [2]#Once upon atimes there was a haunted well orr at least it wasnt haunted yet.
  1. It was owned by a small famly of fourguys in it except not all guys for one being the wife and one daughter too.
  2. One day once upon a later times the daughter fell down into the well and drowned to death she died from it.
  3. Thats when the well got haunted it was by her dead and drowned spirit or also known as ghost.
  4. It was so scary.
  5. One day as the wife was cleaning the house the dead and drowned ghost of her daughter showed up she was soaking wet and dripping with water from the well except it wasnt real water it was spirit water because she was a ghost.
  6. She thats the wife got so scared she tried to ran but she was all around her.
  7. There were more than one ghosts event though it was just one.
  8. The ghost was miltiplying.
  9. She said "come to the well I have something to show you."
  10. "Whats that" the wife replied.
  11. The multiplied ghosts moved in closer and all speaked at once "DEATH!!!!!".
  12. Then they grabbed the wife dragged her back to the well and down to the bottom of it and ate her.
  13. Its a not known fact that ghosts can truly eat people like the hungry Chinese spirits.
  14. Let me tell you there not hungry for Chinese food there hungry for human flesh.
  15. The father and the son thats the otherguy for being in this family and actually a guy this time they were still left.
  16. The son was out playing with his freinds and the father was at work.
  17. The father came home from work and the son came back from playing with his friends.
  18. They saw that the wife was missing and remembering the tragical accident what happened to the daughter so many times ago they ran to the well and looked in it.
  19. Strange enough they didnt see anything in it.
  20. It was getting dark so the father said "okay son, its getting dark so well stay here in the house for tonight and then look for your mom in the morning tomorrow."
  21. Thats when the ultimate terror really began for real.
  22. They went back into the house and up stairs to go to bed it was really dark and late now.
  23. The dad tucked the son in he was still five years old so he needed to be tucked in.
  24. Then the dad went to his room and layed down in his bed.
  25. Just as he was ready and about to go to asleep he heard a voice from his sons room.
  26. It was the voice of his son.
  27. Oh well he thought his son was just talking to his imaginary friend.
  28. But then he remembered that his son didnt have any imaginary friends.
  29. He listened more closely until he could hear the words clearly.
  30. "Mommy mommy youre back"
  31. Thinking his wife was home returned the father got up and rushed to his sons room.
  32. Thats where he saw the ultimate nightmare of his life.
  33. He saw his wife at the end of his sons bed talking to him.
  34. His wife slowly turned to being towards him thats when he noticed that she was torn apart she had no legs and her guts were ripped out and dragging all over and across the floor.
  35. His gaze followed the trail of guts until he saw his daughter about 60 inches away from her eating her guts and ripping more guts out of her stomach.
  36. Thats when his wifes gaze locked onto his like a missle and she started laughing a scary demon laugh whiile her guts were being torn out and eaten.
  37. His wife moved closer to his son and pistarted singing a creepy nursery rhyme.
  38. Meanwhile the daughter who looked like the girl from the Ring movie stopped eating the guts and looked at the father she said "Whats wrong daddy dont you remember me?"
  39. Then she pounced on the father and started ripping him apart.
  40. The last thing he saw before he died of blood loss and getting ripped apart was his wife as she was cradling his son in her arms and still singing the creepy nursery rhyme.
  41. Then she wrapped her disembowled guts around his neck and started to choke and suffocate him while she ripped into his head and ate his brains out.
  42. That was the end for that family but some say the well still stands and sometimes when its really late and dark you can hear the family eating each others guts and looking for fresh meat.

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